About Kristi Keery Bishop

By kkeerybi

Welcome to On the Cave Wall!  This is really just a selfish place where I try to get my thinking straight about all sorts of educational (and maybe a few not so educational) musings.  You are welcome to listen in if it interests you and if you can add to my thinking or challenge it in some way, I would be very grateful.

I am currently an elementary Principal with the HWDSB.  I like asking questions, seeing that lightbulb moment happen for kids and adults alike, and trying to put the fun back into deep learning.  We’re too serious sometimes in education, don’t you think?

Life outside the school exists around my whirlwind of a family that includes one busy high school teaching husband, four fabulous kids and many, many miles in my carpool mom van.

  1. sjdunlop says:

    Hi Kristi – would love to know what other blogs you read regularly?

    • kkeerybi says:

      Good question. I have never really archived what I read – I just float and find them – through twitter, other media sources, podcast topics. Maybe it is time to start a list.