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Posted: 11th August 2018 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

I need to get back to blogging, but didn’t want to set too lofty a goal.  So I gave myself a challenge:  blog every day for my last 5 internet-friendly days of summer vacation about 5 little words I have been reflecting on this recharging summer.  Here’s word number three.

Earlier this week, Sue Dunlop wrote this post about Creativity –

How to Unlock Your Creativity

I found myself nodding along to her thoughts.  I am one of those people that find writing to be a good mode of creative output.  It reminded me that when we teach writing skills in schools, we tell students that the purpose of writing is to communicate ideas to others.  But now I’m wondering, is that the only purpose to write?  I started this blog as a brand new school administrator.  My purpose wasn’t so much about communicating my ideas to others (although I am happy to have others read, push my thinking and perhaps their own, and share ideas).  My purpose was to give me a structured mode of personal reflection; a way to soothe and feed my own self in a time of jarring change and learning.

It also got me thinking about what other ways I nurture creativity in my life and what purposes they hold.  I write other things besides blog posts – I have written plays, songs, a novel, curriculum resources, newspaper articles…  They often have a purpose to communicate with others, but most often that wasn’t the force driving my effort.  Each piece, in some way, fed me.

This summer, I admit that I needed a lot of “feeding”, after a draining school year.  I dabbled with some writing projects, but I also created in other ways.  I painted – walls and pictures (a new one for me.  Attached is a sample).  I cooked, baked and decorated.  I took photos.  I sewed.  And they each fed me.

Students should be creative.  They should dabble in all areas of creativity to find the ones that fit best for them.  They should write for a wide range of purposes, including to communicate with others but also to support their own well being.  We often talk about the importance of fostering a love of reading in our students, but we don’t talk much about encouraging intrinsic motivation for writing.  I wonder if we did encourage that:  writing for writing’s sake, if it would be more of an outlet for more students.


  1. adunsige says:

    Love the painting, Kristi … yet another one of your many talents! I love your final point about writing. I think of the authentic writing we tried to support in our classroom this past year. Now “writing for writing’s sake” … to fuel creativity! I know some of our kids definitely did this last year, but could we get more? Now I wonder!