Posted: 8th August 2018 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

Why, hello!  How was your summer?  I know, I can’t believe it is almost over.  So what did you do?


Summer (or, more correctly, summer vacation) is almost over, at least in the educator’s world.  I know I have five more days to clean out closets, attend to my summer to-do list and read a few more books.  Then, I am off on a whirlwind vacation before coming back to a mound of laundry, happy memories (hopefully), and a full calendar of work.

But I feel like I’ve ignored my professional and personal reflections here for a while.  In the school year, it was due to a number of factors, including stress and lack of available time.  This summer, it was due to a dire need to rest, recharge, reflect.  Excuses, one and all.  I only have five days left.  There isn’t any more time for excuses.

So, I’ve made a commitment.  For the next five days – the last five days I have of summer vacation with internet access – I plan to write 5 mini blogs about 5 little words that I’ve been reflecting on this summer.  Mini…little…single words…nothing too intimidating.

Want to join me?  #5Days5Words

Maybe I’ll see some of you tomorrow.

  1. adunsige says:

    This is such an interesting idea! I’ll admit that I think I need to see a post to figure out what you have in mind. Individual words? What would my five even be? I haven’t really thought about reflection words … more just reflection. Let me see what tomorrow brings for you, and then what I might be able to blog about. I will admit that more Kristi posts make me happy! 🙂