Back in the Saddle Again

Posted: 9th August 2017 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

So, this is weird…us meeting here like this.  You see, I haven’t been here in a really long time.  I used to drop by frequently; committing my thoughts to paper, engaging in some on-line discussion about school, education, professional learning and whatever else I needed to write to help me organize my thoughts.

Just to add to the weirdness, I may as well just come right out and say it, me coming here is mostly about me.  I mean, I’m happy to chat if you want to engage, but I come here to put my jumble of thoughts into some kind of coherent order.  My box of drafts that have never been published are proof of how often I need to get organized (and how often I fail).  Actually, as I look back at my published posts, there are a whole lot of times where I pressed publish and still failed.  Sorry about that.

What am I doing here after so long, you ask?  Yeah, it feels strange to be here again, but I think I need to be here.  Like I said, I come mostly for selfish reasons (no offense, right?) but in the last year I had to prioritize some selfish indulgences and this one didn’t make the cut.  We’re all busy; I’m sure you understand that kind of decision making about commitments.

I really missed being here, though.  And even worse, I discovered something a little disheartening.  You know how sometimes you make a decision you think is for your own good and it actually works out that there was no good to be had?  Yeah, that.

Lifelong learning is a very important priority for me.  Professional learning is something I try to maintain regularly for the betterment of the staff, students, colleagues and community I work with.  And while I appreciate the learning opportunities I get through my job (principal learning teams, conferences, professional reading), I know that what cements new learning for me to a point that I can apply it (and really, isn’t that the goal of learning?) I need to process it and connect it.  For me, that means writing it down.  This blog forces me not just to write it down but (and this is a big one, if you read some of my posts stuck in draft) make it coherent to others.  Communicating my thinking happens here, not in a conference or a learning team.

If I’m not blogging, then it is more difficult to organize my thoughts.  If I’m not blogging, then I’m not going to do as well at communicating my ideas.  Which means I’m not as effective at being an educator or leader as I could be.  And that has led me to think it is time to shuffle up those priorities again.

Nice to see you again.  I hope to see you again soon.

  1. adunsige says:

    I may have just shouted, “Yippee!!!,” when I saw an email in my Inbox saying that you published a new blog post. I couldn’t be happier that one of my favourite bloggers is back at it again. And I do hope to “see” you again soon, as it’s often your thoughts that inspire many of my own. Thank you for always being an inspiration!


  2. Sue Dunlop says:

    I am so glad to meet you again here! I look forward to peeking into your learning.