Amaryllis Thoughts

Posted: 27th November 2016 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized


When I was a primary teacher, I think I grew an amaryllis flower in my class every December (except for that one year I was in the classroom with no windows, but that’s another story).  Since we travel most Christmases now and I don’t have my own little group of students to grow for, I haven’t done this in a while.  This year, I decided to grow one again at home to add some festive cheer to our stay-at-home Christmas.

The amaryllis box says it needs four to six weeks to grow.  About ten days ago, my youngest daughter and I got it started.  We talked about how tall it would get and how quickly it would grow.  And then we waited.

And waited.

Still waiting.

The photo above is our mighty amaryllis ten days after planting and I’m beginning to have my doubts that it is going to reach maturity in four more weeks.  We’re getting a little impatient.

In other news, this weekend I have been working on planning out a math-focused Professional Development Day for the educators I work with.  During the initial planning, I was working with my colleagues Lisa Neale and Mark Verbeek to plan out what learning opportunities we could provide.  When we hit a bit of a roadblock in the planning, my wise friend Lisa reminded me that we sometimes need to slow down to make progress.

My PD thoughts turned to my amaryllis.  While I was focused on watching the stem (not) grow to great heights, I completely forgot about what might be going on under the soil.  Maybe my amaryllis has spent it’s energy these last ten days spreading roots so that when the stem does start to grow tall, the bulb will be strong enough to support the height.  You need strong roots before you make great surges in growth.

So now I’m rethinking my plans for the PD Day this week.  I want all of the educators I work with to soar to new heights in their practice.  But maybe I need to make sure that I’ve given them the time to grow strong roots first.




  1. adunsige says:

    I so love the way your brain works, Kristi! As someone that works better with examples, I would love to hear some of the “strong root building ideas” that you have in mind.


    P.S. Just today, I was thinking that you haven’t blogged in a while, and I was missing your posts. I think you read my mind. 🙂