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Finding the Right Pebble

Posted: 27th March 2016 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

Change is good. Change is constant. Change is difficult. On this Easter long weekend, I’ve had a bit of time to catch up with one of my good friends.  He is a nature and wildlife photographer in Banff and I love exploring his pictures.  One series he did a while ago captured avalanches that I […]

Being the New Kid

Posted: 20th March 2016 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

‘Twas the night before the final term (because no matter what the report cards say, we all measure terms by Christmas break, March break and Summer break, right?) and all through the house all the school kids were moaning: “I don’t want to get up early tomorrow.  I just can’t do it!” “I think I […]

  Being part of a school community reminds me so much of a big, boisterous extended family.  There are the people you rely on when you need help, people who’s shoulders you regularly cry on, people who are guaranteed to make you laugh even when you are having the worst day, people who drive you […]