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Who Said It Was Engaging?

Posted: 26th January 2014 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

It is a (rare) quiet Sunday morning in my house. My 13 year old daughter and I are each working on our computers on the living room couch. When my 15 year old daughter walks in from an exam study break, the 13 year old starts ranting. “I hate this stuff! Why do they make […]

Change is Good. Informed Change is Better.

Posted: 23rd January 2014 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

I have a sweater that I have owned since I was in Highschool. It is ratty, woefully out of style and shapeless. But I love it. I can’t get rid of it. I won’t wear it out of the house but I will wear it when no one is looking. Today at our administrator conference […]

Thank You

Posted: 15th January 2014 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

It’s only the second week back and I’m already feeling it. All over the place – stress, fatigue, discouragement. I don’t know if it is the pressure of assessment, evaluation & reporting looming, or the horrible weather, sickness and cooped up students we’re dealing with, or the extra system pressures and demands that are seeming […]

Challenge! Pass it on.

Posted: 6th January 2014 by kkeerybi in Uncategorized

When someone challenges me to do something, I tend to try it. I might learn something, or have fun, or cause someone else to smile. So, when Sue Dunlop, educator extrodinaire and my current school superintendent, sent me this challenge I had to do it. To see how Sue did on this task, take a […]